Computed Tomography



Our staff will contact you prior to your scheduled appointment date to confirm your upcoming visit and review any preparations necessary for your exam. To make your visit as quick as possible, we will make every effort to pre-register you for your visit.

If you are at least 60 years of age and will be receiving an intravenous contrast agent in conjunction with your CT exam, you will need to have completed recent blood work prior to your exam. Please be sure to discuss with your physician prior to your scheduled exam date.

Please call our office prior to your examination if you have a history of allergy to iodine dye. Our staff should be informed if you have had allergies in the past or have ever had a serious reaction to medications, asthma, or any disorder of the kidneys, or if you have diabetes - particularly if you are taking Glucophage(Metphormin).

The staff may ask you about your medical history, including previous surgeries and symptoms related to the area of interest being imaged.

You may take any prescription medications as usual unless otherwise instructed.

Please notify the staff at our office if you might be pregnant.

Please bring any relevant outside X-rays or other exams for correlation.

A CT scan typically takes about 5 minutes for the actual scan time, but dressing, positioning and exam preparation may take up to 45 minutes. You should dress comfortably but avoid any clothing in the area to be scanned that has a zipper, snaps or jewelry, since metal objects may affect the CT images.

You may also be asked to remove hairpins, jewelry, eyeglasses, hearing aids and any removable dental work, depending on the part of the body that is being scanned.

Our radiologists will interpret your images and send a report directly to your doctor. Your doctor will communicate the results of your exam to you.

Computed Tomography (CT Scan) Computed Tomography (CT or “CAT” scan) uses a combination of x-rays and computerized reconstruction to produce images of the body in much greater detail than standard x-rays. All areas of the body can be evaluated with CT.

Typically, a CT scan is performed quickly, with most of the time used for preparation. Actual scan time only lasts a few seconds. The patient lies flat on a table which moves through the large, donut-shaped opening of the scanner as the study is performed. Our technologists are always in constant communication during the exam.

Intravenous contrast material is sometimes given to better define internal structures. Although safe, this material contains iodine, and patients with iodine allergies and previous reactions to CT contrast material should consider MRI instead if contrast is needed. Similarly, patients with renal insufficiency or failure should also avoid CT contrast material and should consider MRI. The staff radiologists carefully screen potential at risk patients for contrast studies, and if required, can suggest alternate, but effective, imaging studies to the referring physician.

CT Scheduling Appointments
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call (714) 656-2130. The center accepts most health plans and also offers cash rates.  Walker Street Imaging Care’s CT unit is accredited by the American College of Radiology.